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Old coloured fillings should be checked to see if there are any signs of leaking or fracture. If left un-repaired they can fracture your teeth and leak, causing decay to the remaining parts of the tooth.

If you have fillings more than 10 years old, schedule a visit with Thirroul Dental Studio. We may need to x-ray your mouth and can then decide which treatment is best to replace old fillings.

Treatment options

  • White fillings - Generally performed if less than 40% of your tooth needs replacing
  • Bonding - An impression is taken, created in our dental lab and then fitted. This treatment is usually performed if between 40 - 60% of your teeth require replacement
  • Crowns - Should you require more than 60% of the tooth to be replaced, a stronger treatment is required. Crowns will provide the long term strength your teeth will need.