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Sensitivity to hot and cold occurs when the enamel or cementum on your teeth wear away. This exposes the dentin, a layer of protection on your teeth. 

Why do I have sensitivity?
A varierty of factors can cause sensititivy, such as too many acididc foods, alcohol, over brushing and some dental products. More severely, you could suffer from hypersensitivity. This is a result of more developed dental problems such as tooth decay, worn fillings or fractured teeth. 

Sensitivity is usually a more complex problem, which is why you should make a dental appointment to properly diagnose the cause. 

Simple at-home remedies may improve your sensitivity to hot, cold and sour foods and drinks. A desensitising toothpaste or a fluoride gel may be used to strengthen your existing tooth enamel and decrease sensitivity.

If the cause is more complex, you may need a crown, tooth bonding, gum grafting or a root canal treatment.