To prevent oral health problems, good dental preventive practices should be followed. Good oral hygiene habits will keep your oral health great and allow for confident and beautiful smiles. 

A successful preventive program relies on the co-operation from both the patient and the dental team's efforts to preserve the supporting dental structures by preventing the onset, progress, and the recurrence of undesired dental diseases and conditions. This helps to avoid dental cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and many more. You can practise preventive dentistry on yourself by adopting healthy habits.

Eating a balanced diet and limiting between-meal snacks also help to protect the teeth by providing them with the nutrients they need and reducing the amount of time they are being exposed to food, for which with time will turn into plague if left uncleaned in the mouth. 

One of the most important parts of preventive dentistry is to brush teeth daily with appropriately fluoridated toothpaste. Toothbrushes should be renewed as the bristles start to fray, usually 2-4 times a year.

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Regular Dental Visits
And of course, all healthy individuals are recommended to visit our dentists 6-monthly to ensure utmost prevention and maintenance, this way any problems can be identified and taken care of at early stage. Be aware, the overall cost of regular check up and clean twice annually is minimal when compared to a major dental procedure; in particular, this is a common feature observed in those who have been avoiding visits to the dentist due to financial or time constraints. Please remember the golden rule 'prevention is better than cure'.

Daily flossing is also recommended. Flossing helps to clean out the tight spaces between the teeth. Yet, who doesn't know it is not the easiest task and sometimes the amount of effort needed can be a big turn off. People with braces or missing teeth often experience difficulties with flossing. If you have the same struggle, you should really come visit one of our dental professionals who will customised better tools (whether it is floss threaders, interdental brushes or interdental waterjet etc.) for your easier maintenance.

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At Thirroul Dental Studio, we are dedicated to provide you with the best care by staying on top in promoting, restoring and maintaining your oral health. Often, you would find dentists require X-rays, photographs and even taking moulds of your teeth because these are great diagnostic tools. We believe good services come in full packages; finance would never be a reason we want our patients to defer the essential investigations required, and that's exactly why our comprehensive examination and hygiene treatment including all radiographs and photographs are capped at a very economic price.