Single tooth implants are a great alternative to dentures or a dental bridge. The procedure is often more costly but can be managed with finance options.

There are many benefits to a single tooth implant

  • The implant will look and function the same as your other natural teeth
  • With proper care, implants last over 10 years
  • The implant can prevent overcrowding and misalignment of your teeth
  • You will be protected from problems that occur from having a gap or a bridge
  • Implants are the most permanent option and won't need to be removed to care for
  • You can clean them as easily as you would normally clean all of your other teeth

Surgery Preparation for Dental Tooth Implants: Before the tooth implants are installed, the mouth needs to be examined and analysed with the use of x-rays and CT scans. We will determine all of the factors involved in this procedure and give you an estimate of the tooth implant cost. 

Insertion of Tooth Implants:  During this phase of the operation the dental tooth implants are inserted into the jaw bone. As mentioned above, osseointegration will then take place. This can take a few weeks, so a temporary tooth will be provided to you. 

Attaching the Crown to the Dental Tooth Implants: An artificial tooth is fitted onto the tooth implants. This step is quick, though it may require possible readjustments. The crown can increase the tooth implant cost by as low as $500.